We are the storm that shakes the world awake...

Transgod is the world's first transgender streetwear company reclaiming our movement and centering Black & Indigenous people of the global majority (people of color).

We are redefining what it means to be transgender, as well as our place in the world. Transgod is for all shapeshifters who defy binary cisgender norms, while honoring the erased history of gender expansiveness within Black & Indigenous cultures.

Therefore, we represent and take pride in our relationship with land & spirit. One that was stolen from us and turned into religion used to shame and oppress us. We worship our Mother Earth, and therefore ourselves in her image.

More about our story and future coming soon!

Founder & CEO

Montañita, or Monti (He/Him/Él), is a transgender champurria, or mixed race Indigenous Andean and White Hispanic person. He grew up in diaspora from the city of Santiago where his family still resides, in the Andes mountains of Mapuche territory in South America.

As a creative artist, Montañita is a lifelong poet and performer. His love of words brought him to design clothing when the COVID-19 pandemic hit in 2020. He wanted to share his writing and perspectives with the world outside of the internet and social media.

Monti is also a public speaker, grant writer, and consultant. He has a degree in Communication from Ithaca College, where he studied historical and contemporary media and culture, sociology, psychology, sex and gender. He has since been following Indigenous research practices to study decolonization efforts, tech ecology, and trans theory.