We are the storm that shakes the world awake...

Transgod is a streetwear brand centering Black & Indigenous transgender people of the global majority (people of color), and our relationships to gender, spirituality, and the natural world. We encourage all shapeshifters (and allies) who defy binary, colonial, cisgender norms to wear our name.

Streetwear and fashion has deep roots as an act of expression and practice of political resistance within Black & Indigenous cultures; a history that is often ignored, erased, and forgotten in other clothing brands. These industries would also be nothing without the long-standing impact and influence of queerness.

Transgod is explicitly anti-capitalist and values sustainability as ancestral knowledge and necessary practice. This is the foundation of our upcycled collection. We represent and seek to reclaim our relationship to land & spirit; one that was stolen from us and turned into religion used to shame and oppress us.

We worship our Mother Earth, and therefore ourselves in her image. Like her, we practice slowness and intentionality in the creation of our clothing, (dis)engagement with social media, and building of partnerships.

Based in Atlanta, Muscogee territory, and created by Montañita (he/him).